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We are a locally-owned cafe that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner in the heart of Auckland. Contoso Cafe was started by a husband and wife team hoping to create a space that was both inviting and and which would serve food of only the highest quality. We hope you find the place as pleasant as we do, and we welcome you in.

Our menu features fresh organic seasonal fruits, pastries and jams, espresso coffee, house made panna cotta and salads, all served at incredibly reasonable prices while being prepared for you right on our premises!

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We’re committed to great food. Our menu is sure to have something for everyone. From savoury dishes to sweets (treat yourself!), you are sure to not be disappointed by the range of food on offer at Contoso Cafe. We have a variety of dishes to suit each meal of the day.

Our concept is to create a destination with a sense of tradition and an eclectic mix of dishes that is fresh, but modern and well balanced with a touch of elegance. We do our best to keep a low-key approach to our business, with a focus on quality, but always with a touch of personality. Our meals are designed to be the highlight of every visit and we will provide you with the most elegant and memorable experience.

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Whether you’re looking for a hot drink to warm your soul or just a bit of hydration to accompany your meal, we’ve got you covered with our diverse drinks menu. Our coffee is made-to-order and can be made with either dairy on non-dairy, depending on your individual needs.

We believe that coffee is more than just the product of many factors, it is a conversation that is happening. We hope you will join us in expanding this conversation.

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99 Gavin Street
Mount Wellington
Auckland 1060